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The focal Library of K.R College of Education has a major reading hall for our students, with a separate space for students with various study interest. Our college library is having thousands of books and reference materials for students to integrate their knowledge. The Library holds in excess of 10,000 books. Our Education library consists of records and collections which is relating to the education activities and sports.

Books are the calmest and most steady of every student. Our library is completely prepared to explore the student's voyage to revelation. It is our saving box for both students and education trainers.

The library houses a substantial and great accumulation of books on instruction, well being training, diversion and preparing and instructing. education research journals, periodicals, and magazines are likewise accessible.

Our library has huge collections of books, magazines, research journals, and e-learning materials to support the learning in education and sports. The main objective of our education library makes our students who physically educated for their life.

To enhance our library functionality, every academic year we have a meeting or discussion with our headed principal, head of the department of education and our student's representatives. We also have the various facilities to our students and staff members that are the internet, bibliographic service, CD-ROM Collections, multimedia and conferencing.

The certain Rules and Regulations of our Education Library should follow by our beloved students. This will help to motivate other students to move on their education training study to their next level.

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